Experience. Skill. Success. Over 60 Years Of Experience On Your Side

Experience. Skill. Success. Over 60 Years Of Experience On Your Side

Domestic Battery, Battery, & Invasion of Privacy

Experienced Domestic Battery Lawyers:

Battery is a rude, insolent or angry touch. A battery charge is an A misdemeanor if the alleged victim complains of any injury or pain. Battery becomes a domestic battery when the alleged victim is a family or household member or someone with whom they have a child in common or an intimate relationship.

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Can Battery Be a Felony?

Battery and domestic battery can be charged as major felonies depending on the following things:

  • The age of the victim
  • Who was present when the crime occurred
  • The type of injury the victim sustained
  • Whether the accused has been convicted of a prior battery

What is Invasion of Privacy?

A person can be charged with invasion of privacy if they violate a Protective Order or No Contact Order issued by a court. Though typically charged as a misdemeanor, Invasion of Privacy can also be charged as a felony if there has been a prior conviction for this same offense.

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