Experience. Skill. Success. Over 60 Years Of Experience On Your Side

Experience. Skill. Success. Over 60 Years Of Experience On Your Side

Hamilton County Business Lawyers

Providing Skilled Representation When You Need It

Is your business facing a legal challenge? Make sure you are represented by a law firm that knows how to deal with your specific problem. At Stoesz & Stoesz, LLC, our Hamilton County business law attorneys have over 60 years of combined legal experience. We can meet with you to see if your specific case needs to go to court. Perhaps it can be handled with mediation or arbitration to save you stress, time, and money. Whatever achieves the best results for you or your company is our goal.

Though it is impossible to list all of the legal challenges a business can face, there are some areas that commonly require a competent attorney.

We can handle all of the following, and more:

  • Disputes over commercial real estate
  • Business formation or dissolution
  • Disputes among shareholders
  • Employment law cases
  • Construction disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Bankruptcy cases
  • Appeals

We understand the importance of finding ways to efficiently resolve conflicts. Business owners need to focus on continued production while they move through the process. We’ll keep your best interests and busy schedule in mind. Our aggressive and skillful attorneys will work to resolve your situation as quickly as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a large corporation, we can work with you on all aspects of your case. As your attorneys, we will carefully research the case and look for any strategic advantage. We can coordinate with you and stay in constant communication so you are kept fully informed every step of the way. You can rely on us for the proficient and personalized representation you deserve.

If you or your company is being attacked in some way, or if you need a lawyer to defend your interests in a lawsuit, our attorneys are here for you. Contact us at today.

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